Harneys Intelligent Onboarding App

Onboarding with Harneys has never been easier. Whether for Harneys legal services or Harneys Fiduciary, you can now submit your ID via our mobile app, saving you from having to get your passport and utility bills certified. This quick tutorial will guide you through getting started. 

The Harneys app is available on both Apple (iOS) devices and Android devices.

For Apple devices, please click here.

For Android devices, please click here.

The app will guide you along the process of registering your email, submitting your ID and profile information.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page on the app, available from the menu bar. If your question is unanswered, feel free to submit a question via the Help option on the menu bar.

Some tips to help you along:

  • The app is sensitive to glare, so if the passport does not seem to register try changing the lighting conditions – it may take a couple of tries.
  • The selfie mode is triggered by blinking so make sure you blink when the camera is on!
  • You can retake the photos if they’re blurry or if your eyes are shut – do try to send us the best photos you can

Final step: Let your lawyer know you have completed your submission so they can move the process along more quickly.


At this time, the Harneys App is not currently available for our clients in Cyprus or Luxembourg.