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About us

At a glance

Harneys H logo in white

Why choose us

Law firm alliance - Harneys Fiduciary and the legal teams in our associated law firm work closely together, meaning we provide integrated business solutions and consistent quality across the board.

Excellence of service - Our service embodies reliability, quality and accuracy. In today’s fast-paced world, getting the job done right the first time gives clients a competitive advantage whilst saving time and resources.

Personable - Harneys Fiduciary is a growing firm, but not a huge trust entity like some of our competitors. Our clients matter to us, and we work hard to build lasting relationships with open lines of communication.

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What we do

You’ve found the one fiduciary firm you can trust to manage all-encompassing global, cross-border business solutions. Whether your needs are corporate, institutional, or private, Harneys Fiduciary provides an integrated, flexible, and personalised end-to-end service globally, delivered by agile thinking experts who have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and unparalleled jurisdictional insight.

Who we are

Professionals with unparalleled jurisdictional insight and the ability to create bespoke solutions for the corporate, investment fund, and private clients.

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Our locations

Our size, collegial environment, and flexible team structure allow us to work across departments and offices. We do the work in the location that is most suitable to you, and we are able to provide time zone and language-appropriate service to clients around the world.

Our jurisdictions

Harneys Fiduciary has in-depth expertise in the most significant international business centres in the world.

BVI, Cayman, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore jurisdictions as map pins next to each other
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Our values

Our client values embody the ethos behind Harneys Fiduciary, both internally and externally. They are the foundation of our business and define our refreshing, open, and personable approach.

Open - Complex issues require people who can get straight to the heart of the matter in an honest and direct way. We are committed to clear thinking and straight-talking.

Pragmatic - Exceptionally experienced, down-to-earth, and commercially driven we help our clients find pragmatic solutions in unpredictable times.

Agile - Your world moves faster than the average so it needs smart thinking, thorough analysis, and fast execution based on comprehensive knowledge of your interests.

Dedicated - To succeed in the world today, it’s not enough to be better and faster, you need to be more resilient, have more stamina, and act with purpose.

Personable - Business is fast-paced and demanding enough, which is why you’re looking to build collaborative and responsive partnerships. We work with our clients in an engaging, friendly, and open way, building collaborative and responsive partnerships.