Company comparison by jurisdiction 

Company Comparison Chart

Company Comparison Chart


Basis Of Legal System
Type of company
Tax on offshore profits
Exchange Controls
Redomiciliation Permitted1
Time to form
Shelf Companies available through Harneys?
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Shareholders
Minimum Directors
Corporate Administration
Bearer Shares Permitted
Location of board meetings
Corporate Directors Permitted
Local Requirements
Registered Office/Agent
Company Secretary
Required Filings
Beneficial Owners
Annual Filing Requirements
Annual Return
Audited Accounts
Government Costs
Min. Annual Statutory fee


1 Government approval may be required on exit from certain jurisdictions  
2 Must be held by an approved Custodian. 
3 Can be a non-Cyprus resident. 
4 A sole director cannot serve as the company secretary. A body corporate cannot serve as the company secretary if the sole director is the only director of that body corporate. 
5 Information not available to public inspection. 
6 Audit requirements and exemptions exist under local law, seek clarification from local office or jurisdiction Key Facts sheet. 
7 There are additional filing fees for Annual Returns and other Registry filings. 
8 All companies are required to prepare accounts and to be audited by the auditors annually, but annual filing of such audited accounts only applies to public companies and guarantee companies. 
9 S130 of the Companies Act 1981 allows a company to appoint a secretary or resident representative, being an individual or a company ordinarily resident in Bermuda, in place of a director. 
10 Licensed entities must also file with the Bermuda Monetary Authority details of directors and shareholders and also audited financial statements.