GDPR implementation and consulting services

The first step towards compliance is identifying the main provisions of the GDPR that apply to your organisation. Our team can assist your organisation with identifying any gaps and assisting with the implementation of the necessary policies and procedures in order for you to become compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.
Our GDPR Implementation services include:
·         Providing legal advice and guidance to the organisation;
·         Providing assistance and guidance for the preparation of privacy policies;
·         Assisting in the preparation of the organisation’s Article 30 record;
·         Assisting in the preparations of templates;
·         Providing advice in relation to data transfers;
·         Assist in the drafting and development of policies and procedures.

In addition to GDPR implementation services we offer GDPR consulting services on an array of matters. Specifically our team can offer support to an organisation’s management or assigned Data Protection Officer on any matter which may arise regarding GDPR and data privacy issues.


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