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We have great news - our BVI borders are reopening!

18 Nov 2020

1 December 2020 marks the dawning of a new day in the British Virgin Islands, as the BVI reopens its borders to all categories of travellers inclusive of tourists, residents, belongers and work permit holders.

In order to ensure the safety of our visitors, and residents alike, the BVI Government has put certain protocols in place. The current measures are as follows:


  • A certified RT-PRC COVID-19 negative test is required within five days prior to arrival for travellers from low risk countries; and within three days prior to arrival for travellers from medium and high risk countries.
  • Travellers who test positive before arrival will not be allowed to enter the Territory.
  • Children under the age of five will not require testing.
  • A test on arrival (Test 1), which if negative, allows controlled movement within the confines of an approved property within the first four days.
  • A test after four days of isolation (Test 2), which if negative, allows free movement within the Territory.
  • Travellers who test positive at any stage upon or after arrival will require fourteen days isolation prior to being allowed uncontrolled movement within the Territory.
  • Similar requirements are also in place for persons arriving in the Territory by vessel.


  • Travellers are also required to have medical travel insurance which must include COVID-19 coverage.


  • Travellers will be transported from the port of entry to the approved place of isolation using Government approved transportation.
  • Travellers must obtain prior Government approval if they wish to make private transportation arrangements.

Track and trace

  • A custom made “track and trace” app will be available and must be downloaded by each traveller via a smartphone upon entering the Territory. A tracking bracelet will also be provided to each traveller which must be worn during the isolation period.


  • The cost for Tests 1 and 2, the tracking and tracing app and bracelet is US$175 per person (adults and children).
  • Tampering or damaging the tracking bracelet will result in a US$125 fine.
  • Travellers requiring a RT-PRC COVID-19 test in order to travel back to their home destinations can purchase a test for US$70.

Test results prior to entering the Territory must be submitted via an online gateway portal within 48 hours of travel. If approved for entry, a traveller authorisation certificate will be issued which will need to be presented to the authorities upon arrival.

Countries and the associated risk levels will also be published on the online gateway portal at a later date and will be continuously updated. Please monitor the Government of the Virgin Islands' Facebook page and the BVI Tourist Board's website for future updates. You can contact the BVI Reopening Steering Committee by email or via WhatsApp at +1 (284) 496-6129.

For those planning to come in earlier than 1 December for business purposes, please contact Ayana Hull directly, as she can help facilitate this category of travel.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our shores soon.